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 how to mod halo 3

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K ii 3 R Zz ♥

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PostSubject: how to mod halo 3   Sun Jan 25, 2009 9:08 am

if you want to do this on the old maps download them →here←
1.XSATA or Xport360
2.HxD Hex Editor
3.Johnson or Engineer
6.Xbox 360

Ok first of all you will need a blank canvas for any map in forge. Once loaded the map spawn a vehical to mark the spawn point of the thing you want to mod. Lets say you are on Rat's Nest on a blank canvas and you spawned a mongoose now you want to position it exactly the way you want the modded object to spawn. (This dose not apply to player models) lets just say you want a pelican to spawn where you just placed your mongoose. You must save the map and remeber the date it was saved. Start your XSATA or Xport device and open Xplorer360. Go to Partition 3/Content/(your profile ID)/4D5307E6/00000001 You can now see a list of Map Varients,Game Varients,Film Clips and films. Look for a Map Varient with the date you saved your map on Rat's Nest. Once you find it Right Click and press "Extract" Dosen't matter where you extract it to just make sure you put it somewhere you can remember. Open HxD Hex Editor and open the Map Varient you just extracted. Now open Johnson or Engineer and open go to the vehi tag and get the identifyer code. Copy it and search for it on HxD using the map varient you opened. search for "hex" rather than "text" so it will find the identifyer code. When finding the hex for the mongoose on the map varient, Go to johnson or engineer and find the pelican tag and get the identifyer code. Go to HxD and paste the identifyer code for the pelican where the mongoose identifyer is. Once this is done you can now save the map varient.

K ii 3 R Zz ♥️
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PostSubject: Re: how to mod halo 3   Sun Jan 25, 2009 9:23 am

Nice tut Very Happy
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how to mod halo 3
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