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 Rules of the site

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Rules of the site Empty
PostSubject: Rules of the site   Rules of the site EmptySat Jan 24, 2009 7:34 am

These rules are in place to help improve the site. The following rules will be strictly enforced:

1 ) Before you upload/post please check to make sure it has NOT been uploaded/posted already. All dup posts will be deleted.

2 ) You must only post thing that are appropriate. Any inappropriate posts/topics will be deleted and you may get temporary ban.

3 ) If you are get more then 5 temporary ban's, for whatever reason, you will be permanently from the site.

4 ) Try and make the video's you post your own. Try and find another member with a capture card to record your video then post it yourself. If there is a video that you cannot record yourself or cannot get another user to record you can use another persons video aslong as you state that it is not your video.

5 ) Post all 1k gamesaves/SPG's in the Premium section. Any posted in the standard forums will be moved.

6 ) This isn't a rule but invite your freinds and if your get more than 50 posts before the 1st of March you shall become a Premium user. After that the post limit will go up to become a Premium user.

7 ) To become a moderator you will have to post alot. To become one get more than 500 posts before the first of march.

8 ) To become a chatbox moderator you will have to post alot. To become one get more than 300 posts before the first of march and use the chat box to help users instead of alot of forums.

9 ) To become a admin you will need to know me personally.

10 ) Anyone abusing there privileges will (depending on how serious it is) will either be issused a warning or be lowered a rank e.g. Premium to Standard member Moderator to Premium or Admin to Moderator. You can get your rank back by posting or donating

11 ) I am willing to make users "Custom ranks". They will have the same priviledges as Moderators. Cushti is a "Custom rank". The only way to get one is to donate via paypal.
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Rules of the site
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